Asset Management Consultancy Services

Having gained experience in our own real estate portfolio, we provide a broad range of consultancy services to our clients, including:

Managing the Acquisition Process

We offer investors expertise in sourcing real estate, project managing the due diligence process, arranging the most competitive financing package, structuring the deal in the most tax efficient manner and dealing with complex issues as they inevitably arise during the acquisition process.

Managing the Disposal Process

Similar to the Acquisition Process, we also provide our expertise to investors in managing the disposal of their real estate assets, often in foreign jurisdictions, in what typically are complex corporate and debt structures.

Managing Client Real Estate Portfolios

We provide a full suite of services in the asset management of a real estate portfolio. We develop a composite asset management strategy for the property that will maximise rental and capital value. This includes managing tenants, rental cashflow, landlord expenditure, service charge budget, planned preventative maintenance programmes, leasing, lease renewals, securing planning permission, upgrading of building, ongoing valuations, and project managing the professional team.

Managing Distressed Debt for Non-Consumer Clients

We provide specialist advice to non-consumer clients in distressed debt situations. Our service includes an analysis of their existing assets and debt structure, identification of their rights and obligations, followed by direct negotiation, on their behalf, with banks (including NAMA). The objective is to achieve a consentual debt restructuring.

Clients in distressed debt situations can be assured of our expert advice on risk minimisation, debt restructuring and a planned programme of asset disposals.

Preparing Business Plans

We draft and submit business plans to banks and NAMA and negotiate with the banks on our clients’ behalf.

This includes providing advice on distressed debt, restructuring, asset protection, estate planning and asset management. We also assist individual investors in the intensive asset management of their own real estate portfolios with a view to maximising cashflow in these challenging times.